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this is "world news." tonight, fight night. the vice presidential contenders arrive in kentucky, ready to square off. can joe biden stop the republican surge? will paul reinhold his own against the seasoned pro? we're behind the scenes with both teams as they gear up for the showdown. bouncing back. the housing market is heating up. 73 offers on this one house alone. is the comeback heading for your town? dangerous new hoax. pranksters sending s.w.a.t. teams to people's homes in the middle of the night. hundreds of families targeted. >> i want you to give me $10,000 and a police cruiser up front. i'm going to kill the rest of the hostages in 30 minutes.
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and, coming home. a great new day for our friend, robin roberts, ready to get stronger and celebrating tonight. >> there is no place like home! good evening. as we come on the air, vice president biden and his opponent, congressman paul ryan, are preparing to take their cements at this table and begin the big debate. there it is. and our very own martha raddatz will be moderating, sitting across from them at that table. she's our senior foreign affairs correspondent, former white house correspondent. and the two men have been preparing in marathon practice sessions, behind closed doors for days. 26 days now to go before americans get to the polls. your voice, your vote. and the race has been tighten g tightening. the pressure is on.
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and our team is right there on the ground in danville, kentucky, and abc's jake tapper is going to start us off tonight. >> reporter: good evening, diane. first, let's talk about the stage craft. vice president biden will be coming on stage from that side. congressman ryan from the other. the vice president cannot cede energy or desire to his challenger as the president seemed to do last week. their campaigns are relishing the spotlight. biden's team sent out these photos of him practicing on a mock set in a delaware hotel where congressman chris van hollen has played biden's opponent, congressman paul ryan in practice debates. ryan has been in debate camp with top republican lawyer, ted olson playing the vice president. and now, practice time is over. >> the time to memorize your answers or practice a pivot and attack, or a punch and counter punch is over. by this point, you are trying to
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get to that happy place, the happy warrior. you are usually with the family. >> reporter: ryan tweeted this shot of him and his 7-year-old son sam, writing "great pep talk from one of my most trusted advisors." ryan's challenge? to be seen as credible and keep romney's momentum going. in most battleground states, the race is essentially tied, and obama's lead in ohio appears to be narrowing. ryan has only previously participated in around eight debates for his congressional seat. the vice president has run for president twice, debating 16 times, plus squaring off against sarah palin for the gig he has now. >> can i call you joe? >> reporter: biden has been cramming, studying ryan's positions and the book, "young guns," the book that the congressman co-wrote, looking for fodder. >> i just want to make sure when i say these things that i don't have the congressman saying, "no, no, no, i don't have that position." >> reporter: though he is known for gaffes and verbosity, the structure of the debates seems to help him, forcing him to be concise and stick to script.
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>> he's fast on the cuff. he's a witty guy. he knows who he is and he's been doing this for 40 years. >> reporter: in addition to watching clips of the vice president's many debates, ryan has studied news clips of the moderator, abc news senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. the congressman tweeted late this afternoon, "let's get this done!" congressman ryan has been in the house of representatives for seven terms but he's asked that he be addressed this evening as mr. ryan, the campaign says that's because it's shorter. romney will be watching the debate from his hotel room in north carolina. we're told that president obama will watch the festivities from air force one as he flies from miami, back to the white house. we, of course, will be watching it right here, all night, diane, ringside. >> we sure will, jake. mr. ryan. well, coming up, as we've been saying, these are two extraordinary opponents representing two different generations. biden, 69, ryan, 42. for the first time in history,
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though, both men are catholic. and they bring two very come peopling stories to the stage. abc's david muir telling us about that. david? >> reporter: great to see you, diane, from kentucky tonight. let me show you how they're framing the debate. this poster is up all over the place. thrill in the ville. these two men will be sparring over very different policies tonight,s be as we discovers today, they actually have quite a bit in common. their political paths both began when they were young. joe biden, 29 when elected to the senate. paul ryan, 28 when he went to congress. both catholic, both celebrate their roots of blue collar america. joe biden grew up in a tight-knit family, played college football and when his grades suffered, his father stepped in. >> you've got to be a clege man, joey. and i asked, why is this so important? you never went to college. and he said, they can never take that from you. >> reporter: days before he was to be sworn in as that young senator, his wife and 18-month-old daughter were killed in a car accident.
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two young boys, badly injured, survived. he was sworn in at his son's bedside. >> we can always get another senator, but they can't get another four. >> reporter: four years ago, biden spoke of the tragedy. >> the notion that somehow, because i'm a man, i don't know what it's like to raise two kids alone, i know what it's like to have a child you're not sure is going to make it. i understand. i understand. >> reporter: paul ryan, a family man, too. three children with his wife. he proposed to his wife while fly fishing in wisconsin. he still lives a block from the house he grew up in. >> my veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little spot of miller. >> reporter: back in high school, classmates voting him prom king. they also voted him biggest brown noser. it was what he faced away from school that shaped the young man. at 16, he found his father dead of a heart attack.
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ryan himself, now, a fitness buff, working out, leading p-90s classes, and these pictures posted by "time" magazine. rising republican star, he's known for his controversial budget. >> how do you feel about being made the boogeyman about this budget business? >> you know, i don't really think about it. i sleep well at night. >> reporter: he probably will sleep well once he gets through this debate, as well. i wanted to show you the audience here, the rounds behind the stage. we do know that paul ryan's wife will be here, his mother will be here, as well. dr. jill biden, the wife of the vice president, expected to be here with his three children, as well here tonight. and one member, of course, of our family we keep talking about, martha raddatz, we all had lunch with her today, she said she's ready for the task. >> all right. david, great to see you there in the hall tonight. we'll be joining you soon. i want to bring in co-an or the of "good morning america," an or the of "this week," george
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stephanopoulos. so, george, can a vice president ever turn the course of a campaign in a debate? >> reporter: it's never happened before, diane, but tonight could be the night because of the timing. coming obvious that big win by romney in the debate last week, paul ryan, if he can get a second clear win for the republicans, could transform this race. it's been tightened so far, hasn't been completely transformed. a big win tonight could do that. >> so, tell us what to watch for. what's the a-game? >> reporr: the a-game for paul ryan is two things. he's got to make a human connection tonight. the other big thing he wants to do is try to force a mistake out of joe biddeen. he's made them in the past, but not in debates. the big goal for biden is to show democrats out in the country, this ticket still has fight in them. wh that's what he's got to do. >> we'll be right here. hope you'll join us, the entire abc news political team for the big event, one-on-one, the candidates debate. toni9:00 p.m., 6:00 pa sif six. our friend and colleague, as we've been saying, martha
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raddatz moderating and we sure look forward to having you with us. now, we move onto a big headline for homeowners. we learned today that foreclosures have taken a sudden nose dive. the number of homeowners filing for foreclosure has dropped to a five-year low, down 7% in a month. 16% in one year. and also tonight, strong signs people are ready to buy new homes. so, the bidding wars are breaking out. is this the comeback we've been waiting for? here's abc's cecilia vega. >> does this come with the appliances? >> reporter: oneita parker knows if this is the house for here, she better make an offer. these days, houses are receiving and they are selling fast. >> we've looked at at least, i want to say, like, 30 properties. >> reporter: so many you can't even remember? >> yeah, there's a lot of bidding wars going on. >> reporter: that's right -- bidding wars. in some pockets of the country. >> kitchen. >> reporter: small kitchen. >> pretty much every listing of mine since the beginning of the year has had multiple offers. >> reporter: like 73 bids on this california house alone.
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it sold in one week for nearly double the asking price. this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in a los angeles suburb has only been on the market for a couple of hours and already, take a look at this. dozens of realtors have stopped by to scope out this property for their hungry clients. so, what's behind this sudden crush? fewer houses for sale. compared to just a year ago, foreclosures are down that 16%. the last time the numbers were this low was before the recession hit. those days of all those cheap homes driving down prices are ending. >> we've clearly hit the bottom, and i think that's what everybody has been waiting for. >> reporter: but there's still a long way to go. many aren't moving because they owe too much of their mortgage and can't afford to sell at these prices. six years ago, the median home price was about $230,000. today, it's just above $187,000. whether oneita parker wins this
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war or not -- are you going to bid? >> most likely, yes. >> reporter: her eagerness to buy is good for homeowners everywhere. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. and now, a surprising warning about a staple in a lot of american homes. kellogg's mini-wheats. nearly 3 million boxes being recalled tonight because of metal, tiny bits of metal, in the cereal. the recall including both unfrosted mini-wheats and the original frosted version. kellogg's blames the problem at one of their manufacturing plants. you can go to for all the details. and there is something new tonight in the ongoing story of that meningitis outbreak. the cases are not just growing, but leaping. 170 cases now in 11 states, at least 14 people have died and 13,000 people are at risk. most of the infections, still traced to steroid shots for back pain.
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all manufactured at that one plant in massachusetts. but today, the cdc warned they are looking at the possibility that steroid shots for pain in the joints in knees and shoulders, could also be putting patients at risk. sympt symptoms, by the way, appear up to six weeks after an infection, so, the patients who have had those injections are still a month away from knowing they are out of danger. and last night we told you about the 14-year-old girl in pakistan that stood up against the taliban so that girls could go to school. they shot her in the head, she is still in critical condition. but this one young heroine has inspired a growing movement in pakistan to unite against the taliban and said, finally, enough is enough. here's abc's muhammad lila. >> reporter: she's become an icon of hope. a courageous young girl now fighting for her life in a military hospital. >> malala can be anybody's
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child. it is not that this thing will stop at one person. >> reporter: 14-year-old malala yousafzai was shot and nearly killed on her school bus, targeted by the taliban. her only crime, demanding the right for girls to go to school, something the taliban oppose. the attack has shaken the country, from ordinary pakistanis right to the highest levels of power. even the head of the country's powerful army visiting her in the hospital saying, "we refuse to bow before terror. this woman fights for women's rights. we spoke to her with malala's story on the front page of every newspaper in the country. how is it that a 14-year-old girl can capture the hearts of a country like this? >> because, i think, she represents our dreams. she represents what pakistani majority of people stand for. >> reporter: tonight, as young malala fights for her life, a nation of adults and their children are going to bed
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praying for their new hero. muhammad lila, abc news, islamabad. >> and malala said she wanted to be a doctor. coming up, we'll tell you about a dangerous new hoax. s.w.a.t. teams, summoned by pranksters? raiding your home in the middle of the night. >> i want $10,000 and a police cruiser up front. i or i'm going to kill the rest of the hostages in 30 minutes. >> who would do this? a new warning, coming up. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from heartburn 2 or more days a week, why use temporary treatments when you can prevent the acid that's causing it with prevacid24hr. with one pill prevacid24hr works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day and all night. and with new prevacid24hr perks, you can earn rewards from dinner deals to music downloads for purchasing prevacid24hr.
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for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk. police around the country are warning tonight about a bizarre new hoax. pranksters send police s.w.a.t. teaming brandishing guns to your home in the middle of the night. neighbors have done it to get revenge, public officials are targets. so is justin bieber. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: a 911 call. a man waving a gun near justin bieber's l.a. home. police helicopters and cruisers dispatched immediately. but that call was a hoax, the latest in a rash of so called "swatting," bogus 911 calls for crimes so potentially dangerous they trigger a s.w.a.t. team response. >> i am armed. i do have a pistol and i swear to god i will kill these people. >> reporter: colorado springs police reacted to that with heavy weapons drawn. they found a 15-year-old kid
6:48 pm
just hanging out at home. >> i come out of my room, they got guns pointed at me. i'm like, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> people primarily swat because of the thrill of it. it's a power thing. >> reporter: there are about 400 swatting incidents a year nationwide, costing on average $10,000 each. they waste valuable police resources and raise fears of accidental shootings. two people have reportedly suffered heart attacks. >> i shot my wife, so -- >> reporter: that was a swatter claiming to be erik erickson, an atlanta radio host. a s.w.a.t. team was dispatched to his door. erickson believes he was targeted because of his conservative politics. >> if it keeps up, someone is going to get killed. >> reporter: authorities are trying to strike back. teenager matthew wideman was recently sentenced to 11 years in jail. >> i want -- give me $10,000 and a police cruiser up front or i'm going to kill the rest of the
6:49 pm
hostages in 30 minutes. >> reporter: police reacted to that call in new jersey by firing tear gas into the house. there was no hostage situation. luckily, only the cat was home. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. and, coming up, a new planet discovered in our intergalactic backyard. and, do you know this? it is made of solid diamond.and i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix
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there was a quote that caught our eye tonight. something just announced today. the quote was "it's a permanent barbecue." that's what astronomers are saying about a new planet right in our backyard, just 40 light years away. and its surface is 3,900 degrees fahrenheit. and all that heat has turned the planet into a kind of giant diamond ring. beneath the surface is a nearly solid diamond, the whole thing, by the way, this solid diamond, is twice as big as earth. no word on how many carats that would be. and, there is a person in the news. our friend, robin roberts, home tonight after 30 days in the hospital, receiving her bone marrow transplant. and over the next week, she's going to be getting stronger, building her immune system and breathing a lot of fresh air. >> it's overwhelming to see the sky. there is no place like home!
6:53 pm
>> reporter: she told us tonight she really missed seeing the hudson river outside her win dope because it reminds her so much of growing up in mississippi. she celebrated with a slice of apple pie and ice cream. and her new immune system is going to be building, so, doctors tell her she needs to stay away from a lot of visitors and stay close to home, but everyone at home should send pictures cheering her on, because she's waving back tonight. and coming up, from punch line -- >> when things can't get any worse, it's biden time! >> your new vice president. >> to powerhouse. some of the funniest things we've ever seen at a vice presidential debate. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want,
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and finally tonight, the vice presidential debate is coming up, which means the m coickc cocomics will be out in force tomorrow. abc's jon karl now with the funnest things from debates past. >> reporter: ah, the vice presidency. two v.p.'s ended up on mt. rushmore. more than a dozen eventually
6:57 pm
became president. but let's be candid, the office of vice president has usually benn the rodney dangerfield of american politics. >> get no respect. >> reporter: just look at the tv show "veep." >> did the president call? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: julia louis-dreyfus plays a v.p. with almost nothing to do. >> reporter: it's not a new phenomenon. the very first veep dramatized on the hbo series "john adams" put it best. >> i am vice president, yes, and in this i am nothing, but i may be everything. >> reporter: over there years, there have been some sordid characters in the office. vice president tompkins, monroe's number two, was often so drunk presiding over the senatehat congress refused to pay his 23full salary. vice president dan quayle had some real responsibilities but he may be best remembered for this ill-fated spelling lesson. >> potato. >> reporter: at the '92 v.p. debate, perot's running mate may have unwittingly spoken for all v.p.s. >> who am i? why am i here? >> reporter: more recently, vice
6:58 pm
presidents have become more important. dick cheney was so powerful some actually thought he was pulling the strings in the oval office. >> i am as thrilled as is medically prudent for me to be to have been elected your new vice president. >> reporter: but powerful or not, the v.p. is still good for a few laughs. >> you are a great vice president. >> well some people say i would make a great president. better than you even. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, danville, kentucky. >> the debate, coming up, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. our own martha raddatz moderates. george stephanopoulos and i right here. we'll see you then.
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